Coffee Facts

Learn about interesting and amazing coffee facts that you can share with other coffee lovers.

Why Is Coffee Called Joe?

We’ve all heard the saying. A “cup of joe” means a cup of coffee. However, where did this slang come from? It is known to most Americans, especially the coffee drinkers. In this article, we will go over why coffee is called joe and the origins of other coffee nicknames. Joe is slang for coffee …

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Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

So you may be wondering if caffeinated drinks like coffee is a diuretic. Can coffee hydrate you as well as water does? We were curious too. Drinking caffeine-containing beverages such as coffee can contribute to your daily fluid requirement. While coffee may have a mild diuretic effect, it doesn’t increase the risk of dehydration. Drinking …

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Is Coffee Good For You?

A cup a day keeps the doctor away. After reading this article you will know how coffee keeps your body safe and may protect you from dangerous diseases. There are many myths about coffee. Some examples are, people blame it for stunting growth to causing health disease. However, newer research debunks all these myths and …

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