How to make Coffee Scrub at Home

Coffee scrub is a popular skincare product that has become a go-to for people who have started showing the telltale signs of cellulite. You’ve likely seen pictures of friends, family, and internet celebrities with coffee scrubs smeared all over their faces. And you may be wondering if you should try it! Well, it turns out … Read more

How to Make 20 Cent Iced Coffee

20 cent iced coffee was coined by Graham Stephan, a real estate investor, YouTuber, and investor. On his YouTube Channel, he shares his thoughts about finance and a frugal lifestyle. If you watch a few of his videos it is no secret that Graham is a penny pincher. Often he advises people to spend less … Read more

What is Dalgona Coffee?

whipped coffee dalgona coffee

Whipped coffee is not something new on our tables nor in our cafes. The concept is as old as the cafes themselves and very simple: mix coffee with a component that makes some sort of froth, like cream, whip it vigorously for a few minutes, serve. The possibilities are near-infinite, it can be with or … Read more