Why you Should add Cardamom to Coffee

Recently, I was in Brooklyn and I had the pleasure of trying Sana’ani, from Qahwah House. This was a medium roast coffee with cardamom. With just a little milk and sugar, it’s a divine experience. It is actually what inspired me to write this article about cardamom in coffee. I did some research about adding … Read more

Why Programmers Drink Coffee

Most of the software engineers I’ve come across seemed to love coffee. Why is this the case? As a software engineer by trade and coffee blogger, I feel like I am very qualified to answer this question. A lot of programmers are physically addicted to the caffeine in coffee. However, most programmers start drinking coffee … Read more

15 Incredible Benefits Of Coffee For Women

It’s often thought that coffee is bad for you. Surely, in excessive amounts, anything can be. But rarely are people aware of the benefits of coffee. If you’re here then I’m sure you want to know the positive effects of coffee for women. Coffee has phenomenal benefits for women, from protecting against cancers, deadly diseases, … Read more

Does Coffee Help you Study?

If you’ve been at a college campus you might have seen students walking around holding travel mugs full of a dark liquid. This liquid of choice is usually coffee and has become the go-to drink of choice for students of all ages. The reason for this may be because of the productivity and energy coffee … Read more