World’s Strongest Coffee Beans and Coffee Brands

Are you someone who is always chasing the next caffeine high? If you want to try some coffee with a kick we will list all the strongest coffee and choose a definitive world’s strongest coffee.

So maybe you need a caffeine boost to get you going, here are the coffees with the most caffeine inside the beans. We will be grading the coffee by the most caffeine per 12-ounces of beans.

The World’s Strongest Coffee

This is the best cup of coffee to start your day if you go by the amount of caffeine inside! This is a dark roasted robusta bean with enough caffeine to get you through the WEEK.

By volume, the strongest coffee is Biohazard with 928 mg of caffeine per 12-ounces of coffee beans. That is more than double the recommended daily consumption. If you want to try Biohazard coffee click here.

When we say the strongest coffee we mean the amount of caffeine in the coffee. Depending on how you brew your coffee you may be able to extract more or less caffeine from your beans. Typically robusta beans have almost two times as much caffeine as Arabica beans. The normal Robusta beans contain 2.1% caffeine and Arabica beans contain 1.2%. However, Arabica beans are generally considered higher quality and better tasting. This is because the caffeine is bitter and masks the other flavors of the bean. So, in an Arabica bean, it is less bitter and has a milder, even fruity taste. However, the Robusta bean is better suited for dark roasted coffee drinks and espresso. We generally do not recommend Robusta for a morning blend because it might be too harsh.

Growing the Strongest Coffee

The most caffeine charged beans are grown in specific regions that can most efficiently be grown to contain the most caffeine. Coffee beans are from plants the crop varies each harvest. A coffee grown one year can vary from one year to the next. This is why deathwish coffee and other high caffeine coffee brands test each harvest to find the strongest beans.

Roasting the Strongest Coffee

Caffeine in the coffee bean itself is not dependent on how the coffee is roasted. However, the coffee may taste stronger if the coffee is a dark roast. By roasting the beans you are creating a more bitter flavor that makes it seem like it is stronger because of the flavor. In fact, lightly roasted coffee is actually stronger than dark roasted coffee. This is because the beans are closer to their naturally caffeinated state and the caffeine is not destroyed by the heat of roasting. So, when roasting coffee beans the longer they are roasted the more natural caffeine and the flavor is eliminated.

How to Brew the Strongest Coffee

So when you decide you want to brew a strong cup of coffee you have to choose between whether you want a caffeinated cup of coffee or a flavorful cup of coffee. If you want a cup of coffee that is high in caffeine start with a Robusta bean that is lightly roasted. Choose a brewing method that maximized the amount of time needed to brew. The caffeine content increases the longer you take to brew your coffee. If you want a cup of coffee with the most flavor try a darker roasted coffee or an espresso. You should use Arabica beans if you want a complex cup of coffee with different flavor notes and unique flavors.

Here are three things you have to do to brew a stronger cup of coffee:

  • Increase your Coffee to Water ratio: When you are brewing your daily cup of coffee the most logical thing to do is to add more coffee beans to your coffee to create a stronger cup of coffee. However, if you do this you may get a cup of coffee that is too concentrated.
  • Choose a Dark Roasted Coffee: For a cup of coffee with a strong flavor, but not as much caffeine you should try a dark roasted coffee. The flavor will be “stronger” but it will lack the same amount of punch of caffeine you’d expect. The longer you roast your beans the stronger and richer they will get.
  • Experiment with All Brewing Methods: If you want to make a stronger cup of coffee you can try different brewing methods such as a French press. The water is in direct contact with the coffee grounds in a french press. As a result, the caffeine has more time and surface area that allows caffeine to be infused in the water.

While these tips may make your coffee stronger your resulting coffee may taste too bitter so be careful when using these tips.

The Flavor of Strong Coffee

Like we said before, a stronger tasting cup of coffee does not necessarily have more caffeine. You may think a cup of espresso contains more caffeine than a regular drip coffee, but that may not always be true. Just remember that “strength” is always subjective and just drink coffee that you like whether that is strong in flavor or strong in caffeine.

Grinding a Strong Cup of Coffee

The finer you grind your coffee the most flavor compounds can be extracted by the water. Therefore, if you grind your coffee extremely fine you can have more caffeine in your coffee. This makes it an easy way to control how strong your coffee is. However, the limitation to this method is depending on your brewing method it may leave residue in your coffee. For example, the french press is best used with medium ground coffee because the finely ground coffee will pass through the filter and end up in your coffee.

The 10 Strongest Coffee Beans in the World

These are all the coffees that brand themselves as “strong” coffee and trust us… they’re right. These coffees are for special occasions when you need an extra kick to get you going.

1. Death Wish Coffee

  • USDA certified organic and Fairtrade coffee
  • Expertly roasted to give you a caffeine kick
  • Preground for auto-drip coffee

2. Banned Coffee

  • 2x – 3x the amount of caffeine than in normal energy drinks
  • Natural source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Great taste and aroma with strong and smooth taste

3. Black Insomnia Coffee

  • Independently verified as The World’s Strongest Coffee
  • 1105 mg of caffeine
  • Caramel, hazelnut, and macadamia aromas

4. Biohazard Coffee

  • One of the strongest coffees on Earth
  • 928 mg of caffeine
  • Made with organic darkly roasted Robusta beans

5. Black Label Coffee

  • Official coffee of the Sonoma Raceway
  • USDA certified organic high powered, high caffeine coffee
  • Full-bodied, rich flavor with no bitterness

6. Gunpowder Coffee

  • One of the world’s most caffeinated coffee
  • High caffeine, smooth, flavorful and great tasting
  • Comes preground in a 16-ounce bag

7. Shock Coffee

  • Contains 50% more caffeine than regular coffee
  • Featured on The Today Show, ABC Nightline, CNBC, Food Network, and Stuff
  • Leading supplier to the United States Military

8. High Voltage Coffee

  • Delivers twice the caffeine of your average cup of coffee
  • Keto and vegan friendly coffee
  • 100% Brazilian fair trade arabica beans

9. Sin Coffee

  • Contains powerful antioxidants
  • Claims highest caffeine content and strongest coffee taste
  • 928 mg of caffeine

10. Black Rifle Coffee

  • Blend of Colombian and Brazilian coffee beans
  • Veteran owned and operated in America
  • Has more caffeine than your average roasted coffee

Our Choices for the World’s Strongest Coffee

Black Insomnia Coffee

This coffee is a brand of coffee from South Africa. So you know it’s the real deal. They advertise the coffee averages 1105 mg of caffeine per 50g of coffee. Black Insomnia Coffee contains 92.08 mg of caffeine per fluid ounce (311.37mg/100 ml).

The blend is 80% Robusta coffee beans and 20% Arabica coffee beans. So, the blend is carefully selected and roasted in an age-old Italian traditional method in a small batch drum roaster. As a result, the blend still tastes good. We compare it to a freshly brewed espresso. First, because it is roasted slowly and carefully it is smooth while keeping a strong aroma. Then, the taste is robust, and there is a velvety body and heady crema if used for espresso. There is no unpleasant bitterness or acidity because it isn’t purely Robusta coffee beans. It is not too bitter and stays flavorful and smooth with a bit of nuttiness and caramel and dark chocolate sweetness.

We recommend this coffee for those who have a high tolerance to caffeine and need something extra for a special day.

Click here to check pricing and to read more reviews


What kind of roast has the most caffeine?

Out of all the brands of coffee listed in this article, many will be dark roasted. However, the strongest coffees will the lighter roasts. The longer the bean is roasted the more caffeine is burnt off. As a result, you may have a less bitter coffee flavor so it will not taste as strong with a lightly roasted coffee.

What brewing is strongest?

Espresso will always be stronger than coffee. On average, espresso will contain nearly 4x the amount of caffeine as a brewed coffee. However, you won’t drink the same volume of coffee. The way to consume the most caffeine would be to drink a large volume of espresso coffee.

Is drinking coffee good for me? Will too much caffeine hurt me?

If you are interested in coffee health read our articles about “how much coffee is too much” and is “coffee good for me?

Final Thoughts

The strength of the coffee is subjective to the drinker. Some people want a caffeine kick while others love bitter coffee. Regardless, lab tests indicate that Black Insomnia Coffee is the strongest coffee in the world.

Try it out, but consume at your own risk!


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