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Where our beans are sourced

Ethiopian Coffee

Best known for their complexity with a pungent, winey quality and a distinct acidity

Colombian Coffee

The classic coffee with a mellow citrusy acidity followed by a rich caramel

Sumatran Coffee

A full-bodied bean with a subdued acidity and a complex intense chocolate flavor

Guatemalan Coffee

Often has light floral acidity, fruity flavor, and toffee-like sweetness

Flow State, from El Regalito, Guatemala

  • Unique flavors due to Guatemala’s wide range of microclimates
  • Very aromatic with flavors of chocolate and caramel
  • Medium roast to highlight the natural sweetness of the bean
  • Strong and sweet with gentle acidity and complex flavor notes

Late Nights, from Sumatra, Indonesia

  • Grown in Sumatra’s balanced soil and tropical climates
  • Aromatic with hints of dark chocolate and cocoa
  • Dark roast adds sweetness and brings out natural chocolate flavors
  • Low acidity with full body and rich sweetness

Crunch Time, from Garzon, Colombia

  • Grown at high altitudes in rich volcanic Colombian soil
  • Has a sweet caramel and cocoa aroma
  • Light roasted to highlight the acidity with fruity apple flavors
  • High in acidity with hints of milk chocolate and cashew

Morning Scrum, from Ethiopia

  • Grown in Ethiopia’s high altitudes and arable soil
  • Has a sweet floral note followed by a pleasant peach aroma
  • Light roasted to bring out the bean’s bright fruity and floral flavors
  • The brightness and floral flavors are reminiscent of earl grey tea

What coffee addicts are saying

Peter Hogan-De Paul
verified ownerverified owner

A rich and bold flavor that is not too strong. I love sipping on cups of this throughout the day!

12 months ago
Ryan A Beswick
verified ownerverified owner

Best bean I’ve found for the price.

1 year ago
K. C.

An excellent medium roast to start my day. Just a hint of sweetness with bold flavor and a subtle finish. Will be purchasing again in the future.

1 year ago
Whitley Horn
verified ownerverified owner

The coffee is delicious! I love the chocolatey taste

1 year ago

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