About Me

I am a New York City-based blogger. This is my outlet for creative coffee ideas. My goal is to empower coffee drinkers to brew and drink better higher-quality coffee.

My name is Edmond Hui, an entrepreneur, writer, software engineer, and creator of Coffee Informer. My passion is to educate coffee hobbyists and enthusiasts about coffee. Ever since starting my professional career, I have been addicted to coffee. My passion pushes me to constantly learn everything about coffee related to brewing a better cup of coffee.

I pride myself on my work. All the articles are hand typed and I focus on creating engaging content to bring value to all of my readers. 

My Goal

I plan on helping readers brew and enjoy better coffee by writing informational coffee articles and providing high-quality single-origin specialty coffee beans.

What Sets Coffee Informer Apart

I strive to put out content that cuts through all the noise and miscommunication while providing value to anyone searching for coffee information.

I care. I collaborate. I do great work. And I do it with a smile because I’m pretty damn excited to do what I do. If you would like to ask me any questions about coffee or business reach out on the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.