Bomani Cold Buzz Review – Coffee Alcohol Done Right

Currently, we are going through a renaissance for coffee. The first wave of coffee was entirely comprised of companies that started everything. They brought coffee to the workplace and to our home. It was easily accessible and packaged for easy and quick coffee fixes.

The second wave began as a response to the low quality of the manufactured coffee from Folgers, Nestles, Maxwell House, etc. and thus began the pursuit of quality and education about coffee. Companies like Peets and Starbucks brought higher quality coffee to consumers through retail chains and grocery stores.

Now, we are living in a time where coffee becomes a lifestyle that we live and breathe. Each wave builds upon the previous, and with BOMANI I see the innovation that reflects the core values of coffee. As Tetsu Kasuya, the World Brewers Cup Champion in 2016 said, “we can now tell the story behind the coffee beans.” And from my interview with the CEO of BOMANI they have an incredible story to tell.

The story behind BOMANI

BOMANI started as an idea between three friends stuck in the rat race.

As coffee lovers the BOMANI brothers enjoyed their alcohol with coffee chasers and other caffeinated drinks. They realized this was a gap in the market that could be serviced. All the current products were high-calorie martinis or laboratory-made energy drinks that will wreck the body over time.

We’ve all had dreams of finding a fulfilling purpose and building a company around it. BOMANI’s story is incredible because they followed through on that calling. Now their story will be an inspiration to anyone who drinks the BOMANI brand.

Our purpose is to empower individuals who, like us, challenge the status quo.

Sam Madani, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of BOMANI

These three friends with good careers in the financial industry quit their jobs with no hesitation. They are pursuing their dream while doing what they love. They keep business fun, supportive, and engaging; all while working towards their dream.

Their product

BOMANI Cold Buzz is the first of its kind with an alcoholic drink that infuses cold brew coffee. In today’s world with people becoming more health-conscious than ever, a low calorie, carbohydrate-free, sugar-free drink pander to a lot of the younger generation.

Like a true third-wave coffee company, BOMANI only uses high-quality coffee beans. All their beans are 100% arabica coffee beans that are ethically sourced from farms in Southern Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru. They infuse these beans with sugar brew, which is an alcohol made from fermented sugar cane. This produces a gluten-free drink with naturally occurring caffeine with only 110 calories.

The purpose of this product and the company is to empower individuals, and by drinking a healthier alcoholic beverage we can empower ourselves to challenge the status quo.

Currently, BOMANI is available in 31 states and working on bringing its products to more states. They can be found in Wholes Foods, Lucky Stores, and more. As they expand into new markets they hope to be in all retail outlets such as liquor stores, grocery stores, bars, and restaurants. Find a store that has BOMANI near you with their store locator.

During my conversation with their CEO they hinted at another flavor potentially debuting soon. Be sure to keep an eye out on their online store for when this new product drops. I am excited to see and taste any new flavors that they come up with.

BOMANI Cold Buzz Review

Incredibly, this drink caught me by surprise. The first time I tasted BOMANI was at the 2019 Coffee Festival in NYC at their stand. It does not taste like a beer at all, and it is a cold brew first, alcoholic beverage second. BOMANI Cold Buzz tastes exactly like light cold brew and this is probably due to the sugar brew that they use. I could not believe it was a 5.7% alcohol drink until speaking to them.

I would recommend this drink to anyone that likes cold brew and wants to try an alcoholic beverage that stays true to the coffee flavor.


BOMANI is the first of its kind but certainly not the last. We will continue to see more alcoholic cold brew coffee companies follow the trend in the near future.

What sets BOMANI apart is their care for their product and for the consumer. It is just 3 young guys that are pursuing their passion; it is something I can get behind and support.

If you have tried BOMANI Cold Buzz please put your comments below and let us know your thoughts.

Where Bomani is at in 2021

In 2021 BOMANI Cold Buzz, now an award-winning alcohol-infused coffee expanded to Northern California. Within the last year, BOMANI has launched in 200+ Safeway stores and secured funding for the company. They have also secured funding of over $3.5 million with over 40 investors involved with the company. These investors provide BOMANI with the connections and funded needed to continue to expand to more stores around the US.

It looks like BOMANI is here to stay, and I’m not upset at all! If you haven’t tried BOMANI yet and you are curious I highly recommend it. I foresee them expanding to many more stores as more and more demand for the product continues to rise.

As of last year demand for hard coffee hit $18.9 million and this is a new market that will continue to grow in my opinion. This is up more than 11,000 percent from July 2019 to July 2020. Just imagine how much this section of the market will grow in the coming years.

BOMANI is positioned perfectly to take advantage of this new demand. The drink is a combination of the two fastest-growing subcategories in the beverage industry, coffee, and sugar fermented alcohol.

They are currently in nearly 1,000 stores across the US. They have a new vanilla flavor as well. So keep an eye out for that on shelves near the cocktail section. I’m looking forward to more news about this product & company, and to hear more good things happen to these great guys!


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