15 Incredible Benefits Of Coffee For Women

It’s often thought that coffee is bad for you. Surely, in excessive amounts, anything can be. But rarely are people aware of the benefits of coffee. If you’re here then I’m sure you want to know the positive effects of coffee for women.

Coffee has phenomenal benefits for women, from protecting against cancers, deadly diseases, aging, depression, etc., to improve their personal and reproductive health.

Here in this article, I will talk about the 15 incredible benefits of coffee for women. Remember that moderation is what keeps you away from any harmful effects that coffee has which I will discuss further in this article as well. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it.

World-class researchers from Harvard, Oxford, the NHS, and the WHO have affirmed the benefits of coffee. Although most are alike for men and women, coffee offers certain extra beneficial effects to women’s health. The 15 most astonishing benefits are listed here.

We know, not all substances work in the same way in the female and male bodies. Coffee is no exception. Now, I would like to briefly explain each of these benefits I mentioned above.

1. Coffee makes you smarter

With the first sip from the cup, it all starts to become clearer in your head. Gradually, you can concentrate better on your work. The knots start to unfold, and the hardest problems become the easiest! Ever wondered why that happens?

Coffee beans contain caffeine which is a psychoactive stimulant. Caffeine blocks the inhibitory hormones of your brain. These are most commonly known as inhibitory neurotransmitters.

The neurotransmitters are substances like hormones that transmit signals to your neurons. Naturally, they occur in two forms – the excitatory and the inhibitory ones. The inhibitory ones make your nervous system sluggish resulting in sleep, lethargy, and laziness.

So, when caffeine blocks the inhibitory neurotransmitters, your central nervous system becomes activated. Therefore, you feel more energized and more focused on your work. The effect is almost instantaneous. With a few sips, your brainpower seems to go through the roof!

Besides, coffee also increases the production of epinephrine. This epinephrine or adrenaline is the main horsepower of our nervous system and keeps us alert in all conditions. The adrenaline rush culminates in more energy and invigorates your concentrating power.

2. Increases your Lifespan

Truth be told, this is the single most important benefit of coffee that is undeniable. Numerous studies and researches have been conducted on this topic by several institutions for ages. Indeed, coffee is a blessing in a cup that heals and prevents several deadly diseases.

Even a professor of epidemiology at Harvard has confessed the same. He speaks about the importance of coffee in preventing premature death. Actually, it is now statistically proven that drinking a few cups of coffee every day is protective. It can protect women from many diseases. Consequently, it prevents premature death.

Drinking coffee every day can protect you from terminal illnesses like cancers; especially, breast, colorectal, endometrial, and liver cancers. Particularly, all these four cancers have the highest incidence in women. Studies show that coffee reduces breast and colorectal cancer incidence by 50% and that of liver cancers by 40%.

Some skin malignancies like melanoma and basal cell carcinoma are prevented by coffee, among the other important cancers. A daily cup of coffee can reduce melanoma by 20%.

Besides, coffee also protects from cardiovascular and endocrine problems. Most importantly, the role of coffee in reducing heart failure and Type II Diabetes Mellitus is worth mentioning.

In today’s world, it is hard to find someone who isn’t suffering from Diabetes. It has evolved as a genetic disease and is transmitted through generations. Coffee can boost up insulin production. People with Type II Diabetes are deficient in insulin. So, with coffee, the risk reduces by 25-50%. Similarly, the risk of heart failure also decreases by 50% with coffee!

Furthermore, your liver loves coffee. Coffee has a role in preventing cirrhosis and liver cancers in alcoholics. Fatty livers and hepatitis are becoming increasingly common now. A habit of taking 2-3 cups of coffee every day can effectively improve your liver health and prevent these.

3. Protects your Nervous System

So, coffee has been safeguarding your nervous system, and you probably had no idea about it. Your daily cup of potion may have been protecting you from degenerative diseases that can affect your brain.

That is to say, coffee can increase the production of dopamine in your brain. Actually, this dopamine is essential to protect you from diseases like Parkinson’s. It is a disease of old age where the dopamine-producing neurons start to die. Ultimately, the affected individual shows symptoms like rigid and slow movements, stooping posture, tremors, etc.

Parkinson’s disease is a curse to live with. The one who suffers understands this better. So, you can understand, coffee can prevent Parkinson’s disease effectively! Having at least two cups of coffee every day can also protect you from diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Stroke.

The incidence of Alzheimer’s reportedly reduces by 65% in women who drink coffee regularly. The irony is, there is no effective cure for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Stroke. Especially, these appear in the old female and are hard to be treated. So, you see, a cup of coffee every day can keep these diseases at bay!

4. Help you on your Weight Loss Journey

As mentioned above, coffee can boost up your insulin production. So, your blood sugar levels are maintained, and the excess sugar does not get deposited in your body. Besides, caffeine can boost up your metabolism as well.

Studies prove that caffeine increases metabolism by up to 50%. Naturally, experts often advise that you take a cup of black coffee about 30 minutes before you hit the gym. As a result, it will accentuate your metabolic reactions, and your body will tend to burn more fat.

It is because coffee helps your body use fat as an alternative energy source. It burns the fat molecules instead of your glycogen stores for calorie production. So, ladies on a weight loss journey, drink coffee as a regular habit. You will notice that it requires considerably less time and effort to reach your desired weight goal!

5. Coffee Dramatically Improves your Sex life

Not only do men enjoy the benefits of coffee for a better sex drive, but also the feminine population enjoys their own privileges. It is now widely known that caffeine can boost women’s urges, making them more drawn to their partners.

Basically, caffeine increases the blood supply to the sex organs and increases secretion from the reproductive glands. This glandular section is very necessary for females. Without this, orgasms are unsatisfactory, and sex can eventually become painful.

Coffee can arguably be categorized as an aphrodisiac. Moreover, a cup of coffee before intercourse can give you multiple orgasms! It can benefit both you and your partner and change your sex life dramatically!

6. Prevents Gallstones

The gallbladder is a tiny pear-shaped organ situated under the liver. Its prime function is to store bile. The predominant ingredient in bile is cholesterol.

Worst of all, gallstones are much more common in females than males. The increased intake of contraceptive pills, higher blood cholesterol levels, and changes associated with estrogen are the primary causes of the higher incidence.

In fact, the hormone estrogen is the main culprit here. Usually, higher levels of blood estrogen can culminate in the deposition of cholesterol in the gallbladder. As a result, there is more formation of cholesterol stones in there.

Besides, researchers have conducted some trials with groups of women who regularly took coffee and groups who did not. Subsequently, women who took coffee on a regular basis had a minimum incidence of developing gallstones.

Although the mechanism is quite not clear, the prime factor here is caffeine. In conclusion, researchers have inferred that caffeine reduces the amount of cholesterol in bile. Eventually, it reduces the risks of gallstones by about one-third! Females, this is great news for you!

7. Maintains your Youthful Appearance

By their thirties, most women stress about aging sooner. Aging is a natural process, and it has to hit us at one point in life or the other. But who would like to have those fine lines and wrinkles tampering with their beauty at an early age!

A very natural remedy to early aging is having coffee regularly. Researchers conducted studies on aged mice and fission yeasts to evaluate the role of coffee in anti-aging. Subsequently, they saw that coffee interfered with the complex aging pathways and ultimately increased the longevity of the cells. So, they lived more without aging further.

This study helps us to evaluate the role of coffee in humans as well. Besides, coffee also contains some beneficial antioxidants that can prevent aging.

All these changes increase the lifespan of cells in the female body. As a result, a cup of coffee has also been proven to prevent aging and age-related diseases!

8. Improves Athletic Performance in Women

It is evident that athletic women who took coffee before their workout sessions could exercise better with more muscle power. They felt more energized and full of stamina. Because caffeine is a stimulant for the production of adrenaline; In fact, when the adrenaline levels are high, the body can undertake any form of stress subconsciously.

Adrenaline is the most significant stress hormone. In fact, when you are under any kind of stress, the first hormone that takes action is adrenaline. By stress, I mean any sort of unfavorable condition for your body. Such as – when you exercise or climb the stairs or even an injury! Of course, the levels of the responses are not the same.

Basically, adrenaline prepares your body for stressful conditions undergoing all necessary changes. For example, it increases the metabolism, heart rate, oxygen consumption and conducts all changes necessary to combat the situation.

Besides, coffee also helps to conserve glycogen stores in muscles which helps you work out better next time. It also prevents post-workout muscle soreness, fatigue, etc.

Athletic women already have higher levels of stamina. So, having coffee along with the workouts can effectively improve their performances. It produces useful hormones in their body and subsequent changes in their performance quite promisingly.

9. Rejuvenates and Repairs Skin

Having coffee on a regular basis is good for the health of your skin. Also, you can use coffee in your DIY homemade face packs. Eventually, it brightens up your skin and gives you natural, healthy-looking skin.

Coffee grounds are natural exfoliators. They work as natural scrubs. You can use it with sugar as well. To have bright skin, you can use coffee grounds with two teaspoons of olive oil.  Massage it gently over your skin. Wash it off, and you will have astonishing results!

You can use it on your lips as well. But it’s better to mix it with honey and lime juice instead of olive oil here. It works to remove the dead cells from your lips, giving you perfectly soft, pink, and smooth lips. So you can make your own lip scrub with coffee grounds!

Besides, coffee can also protect from bacterial and fungal infections. These are good for removing dark circles, blackheads, whiteheads and also for preventing acne or pimples.

Sometimes, you can run out of your tanning cream. You can mix a few coffee grounds with your lotion or foundation. Then use it as a temporary tanning cream. It is just the perfect solution for your summer days on the beach!

Furthermore, if you have problems with cellulite, coffee can be of great help to you. Mix a little coffee with coconut oil and apply it to the cellulite-prone areas like thighs and hips. It will improve the blood supply giving you firmer and healthier skin. After a few days, you can say bye-bye to that cellulite!

10. Prevents Chronic Pain and Headaches

Of course, you have done this yourself many times. Whenever you had a bad headache, you tried to alleviate the pain. You brew yourself a strong hot cup of coffee. And it worked every time! Thanks to coffee, you can say goodbye to those pain medications. So, you don’t have to be popping pills every time you have a bad headache!

However, coffee is also effective in treating chronic pain. For instance, you had neck pain or a constant backache. You may have noticed that the pain disappears right after having a cup of coffee.

Because whenever you have a headache, the likely reason is that the blood vessels have become dilated in your brain. Despite the narrow space inside your brain cavity, the vessels try to dilate. It ultimately exerts pressure on the nerve endings. Eventually, you feel severe pain in your head.

The caffeine content in the coffee can cause these vessels to constrict and relieve you of the pain. Ultimately, the pressure on the nerve endings withdraws, and you don’t feel pain! Thanks to coffee for saving our lives!

11. Coffee can Help with Mental Health

Your mental health is your responsibility. Sometimes, work pressure, peer pressure, family issues, and other kinds of stuff can overburden your mental health. You can feel more stressed than you usually are.

In fact, a study showed that women who take coffee feel less stressed in these situations. They often forget about their stressors right after finishing their cup of coffee.

Having a cup of coffee can make you feel less overwhelmed. It keeps you well energized and enhances your ability to tolerate more. You can face the worst without feeling as much stress as you usually do.

12. A Cup of Coffee Keeps the Depression Away

Coffee is often called the Happy Juice. Because a cup of coffee can change your mind drastically no matter what kind of mood you are in.

Best of all, there have been multiple kinds of research by reputed institutions. These researches have shown us that coffee can cure depression.

Studies show that women who drink coffee on a regular basis are 50% less prone to suicide or suicidal thoughts. Because coffee releases certain hormones like dopamine and serotonin, these hormones uplift your mood. They keep you happy and gay throughout the day!

Women who love coffee suffer less from depression. However, if you are having issues but are not a big-time coffee lover, try this delicious drink today. You will see the change yourself!

Read this article from a Harvard study to see how drinking coffee can reduce depression risk in women.

13. Coffee Dextoxifies Your Body

Coffee is a well-known diuretic. A diuretic is a substance that is capable of flushing out liquids from your kidneys. You must be thinking, so is this bad! No, of course not.

Actually, caffeine is the real diuretic here. Caffeine is an osmotically active substance that can draw water from your excretory pathways. As a result, your urine production increases. It is good as long as you are drinking plenty of water as well. Otherwise, you may soon develop dehydration.

So, how does it benefit you? Chemicals and toxins produce from bad foods, harmful preservatives, and the heavy drugs you consume. These are eliminated from your body by every milliliter of urine produced. Coffee is flushing your body every day of the toxins that can harm you.

14. Enchances Memory

Researchers have conducted some studies to demonstrate the role of coffee in increasing memory power. Certainly, the memory-enhancing power of many foods has been discovered over time.

In all the clinical trials conducted, the results were evident. People who drink coffee can remember things for a longer time than those who do not. In fact, they achieved increased longevity of both the short-term and long-term memories. Boost your thinking power today with your cup of coffee!

15. Coffee is a Storehouse of Antioxidants and Nutrients

Coffee beans are marketed as a good source of a number of healthy ingredients. And they are sometimes fortified to include more of these antioxidants and nutrients. Coffee contains certain useful vitamins, for example – Riboflavin (B1), Niacin (B3), Pantothenic acid (B5), etc. Besides, they also contain a great deal of Potassium, Magnesium, and lots of minerals. All these are really good for your health. They can cover your recommended daily requirements of these nutrients to a certain extent.

Furthermore, coffee is exclusively known to contain a special antioxidant – chlorogenic acid. It is a polyphenol. It can fight off free radicals and protect you from hazards like cancers, aging, retinal damage, organ damage, etc.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which explains why coffee helps fight off bacterial and fungal infections of the skin. Even so, the amount of antioxidants in a small cup of coffee is more than the number of antioxidants in a similar serving of grapes, oranges, berries.

Above all, these are the most important benefits that I wanted to discuss with you. Besides, if you want to know about the benefits of coffee for men, you may check out this article – 11 Incredible Benefits Of Coffee For Men!

Is Coffee Bad For Women’s Hormones?

 As per the research done by the National Institute of Health, coffee can change your blood estrogen levels. But the effect is mild and only observed when caffeine is taken above 200-400 mg per day.

The study was done on both Black and White women. It was seen that women who took more than 4-5 cups of coffee daily had slightly elevated estrogen levels. On the other hand, some others had decreased estrogen. However, slight variations in estrogen levels can cause no harm to you.

Nevertheless, if you already have some hormonal issues, the case might be slightly different for you.  Particularly, women who have PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Breast cysts, etc., complain of heavy irregular periods; or sometimes they bleed less than usual. These women are more sensitive to caffeine. In fact, caffeine may exacerbate their conditions.

So, unless you stay within limits, it can be harmful. Besides, if you are not sleeping well due to excessive caffeine intake, it causes anxiety. It can bring about other diseases too. Hence, moderation of everything is necessary! Don’t overdo your limits, and you will be fine.

Best Women Owned Coffee Roasters

A benefit of coffee drinking that I didn’t mention in the previous section is supporting entrepreneurial female roasters. Many women due to family tradition or through sheer personal aspirations take on coffee roasting as a business. And, as a woman, knowing that you’re supporting other women to thrive and flip off the patriarchy is itself a benefit.

So, here are some awesome female-owned coffee brands that you should consider: 

RAKO Coffee

They are mainly focussing on producing the best roasts in an eco-friendly way. Their machines claim to consume significantly less fuel than usual without producing the greenhouse effect.

Their baristas make sure to make no compromise with the flavor. RAKO is owned by the sisters, Lisa and Melissa Gerben.

Moore Coffee

Gayla Moore is very picky about her roasts. She has a hand-picked variety of coffee roasts, so there’s not much diversity. But she makes sure whatever the company is serving is the best!

Besides, they serve very high-quality coffee beans. The roasts are organic, don’t harm the environment, and make you crave for more.

Flight Coffee

This company is owned by a strong woman, Claudia Barret. She has been in this industry for quite a long time.

They focus more on preserving the aroma of the coffee beans and their natural appearance.  They use rare technologies to do so.

Black Coffee

Mia Moss was a barista herself in her early days. Gradually, she was more drawn to the art and love of coffee.

She blessed the Fort Worth of Texas with their first original café. They have a versatile selection of roasts varying from time to time, with the best in the region.

Besides, there are other companies worth mentioning. Such as the City Girl Coffee, run by Alyza Bohbot James; the Tico Coffee Roasters, owned by Mariana Faerron; Sip & Sonder, owned jointly by Amanda and Jane Thomas and Shanita Nicholas; the Southeastern Roastery, owned by the head roaster Candy Schibli, and many more!

Precautions Of Drinking Coffee as a Woman

Besides all the benefits a cup of coffee can offer you, we can’t deny the side effects. Although, the benefits are more vital than the risks. So, you must maintain your limits.

In particular, caffeine is prohibited in pregnancy by doctors. Whether you drink decaf or a caffeinated one, the side effects are the same. So, it’s better to switch to some healthy alternatives during pregnancy. For example, tea can help you overcome those caffeine cravings, and it’s perfectly fine during pregnancy even though it has some caffeine in it.

Taking too much can result in caffeine addiction. It is the worst thing you can do to your body. Besides, coffee can trigger migraines as well. So, if you are prone to migraines, try to avoid them as much as you can. Rather, take it with other foods like cakes, biscuits, chocolate, etc., which usually do not affect you.

There is one important thing to remember here. You must drink plenty of water if you need more than one cup of coffee a day. It will prevent dehydration from all the increased urination.

Kids should refrain from drinking coffee. They are already hyperactive. Just feeding them sugar drives them nuts. A cup of coffee would be like setting off a nuke. So, for your sake keep kids below 12 away from coffee or any highly caffeinated drink like energy drinks.


There are numerous more benefits of coffee for women than the ones I’ve mentioned here. And coffee doesn’t really gender discriminate. It has many benefits for men as well. Next time someone says coffee is bad for you, you have tons of information and sources to back up your point. So, girls, try to make coffee a part of your diet from now onwards. I hope this article helped you to gain an overview of the awesome benefits of coffee for women.


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